What is this about?

As a newcomer to the Whitecourt business scene, we just opened under new ownership with a new name in February. We needed a way to get noticed on a tiny budget with the understanding that these are tough times and many of our community aren’t even able to think about luxury items at this time. That’s why we developed that contest with two absolutely no purchase necessary ways to enter our contest. We want to encourage everyone to have fun while getting to know us. Of course, you get extra entries when you shop with us but this is just a fun way for us to say hello!

You see, our tagline is “Where promises are kept” and we believe that promise extends through good times and bad. So while we’re waiting for good times…why not take a chance to dance?

Our business advisor over at Community Futures Yellowhead East, Patrysha, helped us come up with this promotion using our own products with a royalty free video clip. She set up the tech so that most of the contest is automated.

What if I don't like to dance?

Well we can’t imagine life without dancing ourselves, we don’t want to leave you out.

You can

  1. use your imagination and answer the question, “What makes you want to dance?” as if you did like to dance
  2. Or answer with “I don’t like to dance because”

Your answer has to be a complete answer in 100 words or less. We hope you’ll try and can’t wait to see what you come up with.


How long do I have to enter?

You can enter anytime between now and September 2nd, but the earlier you do the more chance you have of winning the voter choice extra entries. (That’s the part where you get an extra entry for every 10 votes your submission gets)

But participating in that part is entirely optional, you’ll get 1 entry for every written submission and 2 entries for every video submission you enter even if you don’t chase votes.


I have a question not answered here...

We tried to be thorough when thinking about questions people might have about this promotion, but if we missed a question that you have, please be sure to send us an email to contest@crossmyheart.ca or fill in the form below. We’ll get back to you personally and may ad your question to this page (with or without attribution as you wish)

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